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"A Sound Mind

In A Sound Body" 

True Self Makeover


Introducing you to a new way of living!
Reprogram your mind into taking care of your body. A complete profile of your mind, body and spirit through counseling, exercise, yoga, nutrition and massage.
  • Therapy includes grocery list, daily journal and nutrition counseling 1x per week
  • Personal training, yoga (Saturday 10:15am), and steam room eucalyptus therapy 2x per week at Powerhouse Gym, Downtown.
  • Massage therapy (2x per month minimum) by a certified Massage Therapist.
How does nutrition relate to mental health?
Apathy, low energy, irritability, insomnia, low energy, agitation, fatigue, concentration problems, aches and pains, weight changes, including weight loss or weight gain are all symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Bad nutrition is a contributing factor to many cases of depression and poor nutrition will most likely make depression worse. Nutritional problems are not corrected by antidepressant drugs. Medication will only cover up the problem if your depression is caused by nutritional problems and your body will not function the correct way.

How does exercise improve your mental health?
Exercise not only helps you be physically fit but it also helps in being emotionally and mentally fit too.
Exercise can also boost confidence along with reducing anxiety and stress. The natural release of endorphins during and after exercise is one of the reasons for the feelings of well-being. These chemicals released by the brain are the body’s natural painkillers that lead to feelings of happiness. Increasing your energy through exercise leads to better sleeping patterns. Meditation and yoga also assist the body to achieve optimal levels of mental health. 

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